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Screen Printing.

custom screen printing spokane

Our Custom Screen Printing  services are ideal for orders with consistent artwork across all garments i.e., not custom once-off prints with varying colors and designs. 

Maximum of 6 colors per design. Garment quantities greater than 25.

5 to 10 day turn-around time upon artwork approval.

For smaller or once-off order go to our Direct To Garment page.



quality ink mediums


Industry standard, oldest, and most commonly used ink in screen printing. Plasticol is durable, resillient, and vibrant in color. Plasticol tends to be a thicker medium, producing a heavy- hand touch.

*Pantone Matching System (PMS) available upon request.



These environmentally friendly inks produce a soft-hand touch, which allows for a wide variety of screen printing applications such as t-shirt printing, towels, sweatpants, and paper.

*Pantone Matching System (PMS) available upon request.



This technique of screen printing uses water-based discharge inks to produce an ultra soft-hand feel. Discharge removes the actual garment-dye and replaces it with the desired water-based pigment. Discharge can be printed as dye discharge, direct discharge, or as an under-base for other types of ink mediums. Discharge is best on 100% cotton garments. Discharge will NOT interact with synthetic polyester. As a result, Cotton/Poly blends tend to produce a heathered, vintage effect. 


Special Effects Inks & Foil

We provide a variety of special effects inks including metallic, shimmer, reflective, puff, glow in the dark, gels, and colored foils. These mediums provide several avenues for artistic expression and authentic designs, and can be used in combination or stand-alone.


For our screen printing services we use industry standard equipment. Contemporary custom screen printing methodologies. Trusted and resilient ink mediums. Standard and large custom format printing available upon request. 


SCREEN printing methods

Spot Color

Solid fill vector colors. Typically used for most designs. Maximum of 6 colors per design.


Simulated Process

Raster-based colors. Maximum of 6 colors per design. 



This process converts RGB to CMYK. Ideal for photo-realistic prints. Total of six colors including cyan, magenta, yellow, black + uderbase+ highlight white.

Unique Logo placement


  • Sleeves

  • Hoods

  • Shoulders

  • Pockets

  • Sides

  • Borders

  • and many more


Large Format screen Printing


  • Up to 18" x 15"


For further assistance, questions, and inquires please call            509.655.0828     or email   

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